Last season for this blog to be update

Our FB 's fanpage : FB/PremierLeagueHighlight is removed.
Due to got noticed

No problem about this blog yet, just got reported in facebook.
I can't remember how much I have liked, but average 1-200 see my each posts.
Few like, comment in each post because just a link to this blog.
So I'm very surprise !!

Didn't sure who reported me, by the way, I respect that.
So I won't create another page to protected my personal FB.
You can got updated from Google+ instead

Another thing I 'm considering.....
You know that I can update very slow this season.
Due to my health problem, my work, my family.
Sometime 1-2 days late from it should be.

Many alternate site, youtube highlight, online highlight, etc....
Big matches, my file have average 40-50 downloaded.
Normal matches, average 5-10 downloaded.

So, this will be last season for this blog to be update.
Sorry to told this.
I know my blog is not popular but I know someone always visited us.

Hope you understand.



Anonymous said...

i used to visit ur blog..years ago actually...um sorry 4 what happened, :(
just wanted to say "THANK YOU" coz despite u have many other things 2 make u busy, u kept this blog up 2 date..THANK YOU & BLESS YOU

Muhammad Mujtaba said...

You have been amazing. Due to my work on weekends and my commitments, i cant watch match... so getting the extended highlights from you was the only way, i could watch the match... This saddens me so so much that you will be leaving us, not only because i wont be able to watch those highlights but also because you have been doing all this, so diligently and without much incentive
Hats off to you... You are the man... We are going to miss you
If there was any way we could make you change your decision, i would be the first one to do it

Ankush Rathour said...

you've been gr8 all these times, thanx for all the updates.....and also get well soon.

Fariz said...

I used to visit your blog too to download match highlight in previous years. Although i didn't post comment or like your post fb status, but in my heart i always appreciate what you had done until now. I am very grateful and supportive toward you. Thank you for every match highlight you posted. We going to miss you. :(

Johan from Indonesia said...

Hello, i'm a Spurs & Milan fans and for last 2 or 3 seasons i used to get highlights from this site especially Spurs or Milan matches, sometimes other matches too. What the most i like from your site is, that you cut highlight for every single game so it would be much more easy to download. Also you keep the posts and highlights away from spoiler.

I've never give any comment before but to read that you're going to close this blog is so upset because you've done great all this time.

Still hope that you're going to change your mind. But anyway i want to thank you for creating and maintaning this blog. Wish the best for you and family.

pweezyf said...

OHH NOO!!! Don't do it!!! You have been so wonderful to us by giving these updates so that we can keep up to date with all these football leagues and cups.

Man, I hope you change your mind because I don't think it would be easy now to find another blog like this.

Sorry to see you go. You are in my prayers. I pray God will heal you and restore your strength. Thanks for all the updates, I truly appreciate the availability of these updates on a daily basis.

Thanks alot and get well soon.

Wantknow said...

Thank you for all,
The main thing that I would like to quit because my delay post.

Anyway your comments make me delighted.
I 'll considered to post but should focus only big matches.
(You may requested If I can help I will)

Can't do all matches.Hope you understand.

Thank you

pweezyf said...

Overall, Tottenham hotspurs may not be considered one of the top teams in EPL. I hope I am not asking much but will you be able to upload Spurs matches also. I rep for that team and it would lovely if those are also on your list.

Thanks in advance and keep strong.
Best Regards.

Toyosi said...

Thanks for everything man, it was a great experience. I wish you and your family all the best.

Anonymous said...

just i want to tell you that you help me a lot and all of my friends’ we used to watch the highlights that you post and its updated <<

its a great service for as

God bless you man and i hope you will have good health and good life with your family and friends’

and also am sorry for my bad English