About me

Mostly resources from Ftbz , SoccerShouts.

Some links are mirror, redirect to original link.
Some links I upload from my own (original from torrent).
Anyway, always credit capper.
Mostly are redirect, because my upload speed didn't good much (512K)
Some files, I downloaded from torrent then cutted and upload.

Please respect my upload hosts choice. And respect capper 's choice.
Sometime, I can't download too but can't do anything, it's capper choice.

By the way, all of your clicks help me to earn online.
but I did't do all of this site every week with just few earn.
I do this because of I love Premierleague.
(My favourite team is Chelsea and favourite player is Zola)
I watch and download higlight with myself every weeks.
So, watch myself and share all of you.

I have my works, my family.
So, I can't update fast as should be, busy works some weeks, take care my family some weeks.
Hope you understand, thank you for your visited :)