World Cup 2010-06-25

World Cup 1st Round 2010-06-25 (Year month date)

Portugal - Brazil

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North Korea - Ivory Coast

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Chile - Spain

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Switzerland - Honduras

Highlights [by Lewy] : 37.8MB :
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Wajahat Mehdi said...

I have been posting comments as anonymous so far for convenience but now i have decided to use my name. This is a great great site. i have recommended this site to at least ten friends for worldcup highlights.

Best thing about this site is that it now uploads links on rapidshare, does not have spoilers and length of highlights is reasonable. (i hate those 90 sec highlights).

This long speech was just to admire your efforts :)
try to keep uploading even after the world cup for EPL and champions league.

Wantknow said...

Thank you for help promote.
I love to watch highlight without spoil too.
Cause I mostly sleep can't watch live.
So highlight without spoil still good exciting :)