Vacation 1 Week

On vacation 1 Week with my family.
May have internet connection but maybe for FB only.
Don't want to take long time online when go on relax vacation.

Back on next mid week.

See you later.


footballars said...

have fun and enjoy your vacation

Mahyar said...

Have a great vacation, Hope you enjoy it, we enjoy your posts too ,

Anonymous said...

Enjoy dude, thanks for your posts all these time!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy & have fun.
Thanks for all your posts.


Ojas said...

Enjoy your vacation man... the videos can wait. Great job, you deserve your break!

kunalan said...

vacation in thailand?

great! enjoy and have a great time with your family. Thanks for all the posts.

Anonymous said...

enjoy it!!

Wantknow said...

Back now, thank you all guys.

Yes, Thailand. (I am Thai)
That 's picture of kohchang (เกาะช้าง).

Mahyar said...

Ok Vac is enough, let get started