Capper retired

Bad news guy....

If you follow my blog you should see that most currently highlight come from Sagopa Kajmer and GaLaTaMaN.

Both of him work like a team, by the way they announce to retire.

Mostly if you follow me I just publish other upload, not upload by myself.

Just few games that I watch online by sopcast, then I recorded and share.
Or if I have enough free time (like on boxing day) that I manual cut full motd by myself.(this work use resource to cut, upload speed to up so use long time)

Currently we still lucky that still have some motd from mussambani.But maybe not all matches (or will improve let's see)

In the past I got motd from the fred54,footballars,pakman (maybe some others sorry if didn't told here). Old one gone, new one come, hope we still can enjoy this forever :)

Thank you for follow us.

Happy new year 2013

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