Premier League 2013-02-02

Premier League 2013-02-02 (Year month date)

Demba Ba, Newcastle - Chelsea

Newcastle - Chelsea

400p 11 Mins Motd Highlight : 118MB : [DepositFile]
720p 11 Mins Motd Highlight : 280MB : [DepositFile]

Fulham - Manchester United

400p 7 Mins Motd Highlight : 85MB : [DepositFile]
720p 7 Mins Motd Highlight : 175MB : [DepositFile]

Arsenal - Stoke City

400p 6 Mins Motd Highlight : 71MB : [DepositFile] , [HotFile]
720p 6 Mins Motd Highlight : 158MB : [DepositFile]

Everton - Aston Villa

400p 11 Mins Motd Highlight : 129MB : [DepositFile]
720p 11 Mins Motd Highlight : 299MB : [DepositFile]

Wigan - Southampton

720p 7 Mins Motd Highlight : 161MB : [DepositFile]

Westham - Swansea

720p 5 Mins Motd Highlight : 138MB : [DepositFile]

QPR - Norwich

720p 6 Mins Motd Highlight : 158MB : [DepositFile]

Reading - Sunderland

720p 6 Mins Motd Highlight : 177MB : [DepositFile]


azhar said...

want arsenal video....hehehe...tq

don'twantknow said...

If possible, could you please also post the Everton & Wigan game? I usually just watch all highlights of the high scoring games, irrespective of the teams playing. :D

Thank god for this blog, the admin at FBTZ forums is a jerk. xD

Wantknow said...

I have full show, so I can post every matches on Sat.
By the way, my upload speed is poor, so I choose bigger mathches first.
Please be patient.

By the way, 400p I may post here only.
But for 720p may be still post in ftbz and soccershout.

aizat nasri said...

please use hotfile. we in malaysia can't download it using depositfile

Wantknow said...

Sorry, hotfile didn't earn for sharing, only earn for sell premium.
Depositfile can earn me and can resume for slower downloader.

By the way, I may make a poll about that soon.

don'twantknow said...

Ok, thanks Wantknow. I don't mind waiting. :)

Also, completely agree with you on DF, can resume for sometimes unstable connection.

aizat nasri, read this: http://www.jayceooi.com/2011/06/16/how-to-bypass-file-sharing-sites-block-in-malaysia/

Works great for me. :D

Wantknow said...

Thank you @don'twantknow
link it :
bypass sites block in malaysia

aizat nasri,please come back to told this can fixed your problem or not.

If you still online, file already cutted.
Do you want 720p or 400p, I will up if first.

don'twantknow said...

Wantknow, just 400p for me.

Thanks in advance.

Chs said...

Thank you Wantknow.

Anonymous said...

I have some problem with DepositFiles so plz give me another chance with Hotfile via Linkbucks, I didn't have any problem with password in rar file, and then please post it in 720p instead of 400p
Finally thank you for all your efforts and wish you always do this work for a long time :D really thanks !

azhar said...

hi wantknow...

can u re-upload Arsenal - Stoke City in hotfiles??
i try many time to download with depositfiles, but still show "BAD REQUEST"


azhar said...

hi wantknow...

and one more thing, I same as aizat nasri problem...
we at Malaysia can't download it using depositfile...because our country didn't give any access to the depositfiles server.

so, I hope you understand for our problem. thanks

Wantknow said...

Did you try above solution ?

"bypass sites block in Malaysia"

Please let me knew about that first to consider.

For arsenal in hotfile, I will do soon.