Premier League 2013-09-01

Premier League 2013-09-01 (Year month date)

Daniel Sturridge, Liverpool - Manchester United

Arsenal - Tottenham HotSpur

480p Motd Highlights Only [Credit TvTeam] : 123MB : [DepositFile]
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Liverpool - Manchester United

480p Motd Highlights Only [Credit TvTeam] : 124MB : [DepositFile]
400p Motd Highlights [by KafKef] : 256MB : [DepositFiles] , [Uploaded]
720p Motd Highlights [by GaLaTaMaN] : 420MB : [Uploaded]

West Bromwich Albion - Swansea City

480p Motd Highlights Only [Credit TvTeam] : 99MB : [DepositFile]
400p Motd Highlights [by KafKef] : 235MB : [Uploaded]
720p Motd Highlights [by GaLaTaMaN] : 385MB : [Uploaded]


azhar85 said...

can you re-upload Arsenal - Tottenham HotSpur using hotfile or other medium except uploaded/depositfiles?

because my country block that 2 hosting...


Wantknow said...

This time only.
480p Motd Highlights Only


Uploaded is capper choice I can't change.
DepositFiles I can earn from this.

While I didn't gain anything from hotfile.
(Hotfile didn't paid for file, just for premium)

Hope you understand, or if you have earning host, please recommend.

don'twantknow said...

Sigh... i thought we've gone through with this before, azhar :|

Follow this and don't bother him anymore: http://www.jayceooi.com/2011/06/16/how-to-bypass-file-sharing-sites-block-in-malaysia/

Thanks for your hard work, as usual; Wantknow.

Wantknow said...

Thank you for your help :)

azhar85 said...

thanks don'twantknow & admin wantknow

sorry because I did'nt see the post about how to bypass website blocked before this.

I have try it and it work....thanks again

don'twantknow said...

Oopss, my apologies azhar. I got the wrong person, it was aizat whom I posted the link to before.


Sry hehe.

Wantknow said...

I add link about bypass sites block at the right side.
Thank you again, don'twantknow

don'twantknow said...

Nah, it's me who should be thanking you for cutting up and sharing the highlights.