Update blog status

If you follow this blog for long time, you should see something change.

In the past I share other link by use linkbucks and get some income.
But now I didn't use linkbucks anymore !! I got banned with unknown reason.
(Linkbucks told me violated terms of use, I try to contact but no response.)
So I decide to quit from linkbucks.
I have some alternate choice like adf.ly, but lazy to start.

Sometime, I upload by myself and get some income too.

I choose depositfiles like you see.
Because ...
  • I earn some when you download complete
  • depositfiles can resume if you use download manager
  • depositfiles have preview image so you can sure you download correctly files

Hotfile used to paid for download but not anymore just paid for premium sale.
So I didn't use HotFile like you want.(I love Hotfile's speed too, but I didn't gain anything, sorry)

Upload.net are choosed by capper currently, but it's hard to download without premium.So, I didn't happy much to share link that I can't download.So I won't share uploaded.net 's link.

I will search only files from torrent that no message about re upload
This choice, will very slower, because I need time to download, cutted, upload. That will late 1-2 days.

So, after this.

1. All links will be DepositFiles only !!
(You can suggest me other choice but only profit sharing hosts, not for free)

2. Sharing time maybe late 1-2 days or no upload on some match day if I can't find torrent.


I knew this will unhappy someone, if you want faster choice, you can leave my blog.I knew there are many faster choice now.

Thank you for your visited in the past.



Mahyar cech said...

I've been visiting this blog for years now , and i have to say this is the best choice.

If you include post-match interviews (like you have always done) it would be great.

Thnx for all your efforts , Cheers

skt17 said...

yes please don't cut off match analysis of motd highlights .... please include them for deposit file links ... cheers !

Anonymous said...

i always follow your blog more than a year, and never change to other to get the EPL Highlight link. No matter for me if you change the host i still following :)
thx you very much for this.. cheers

Wantknow said...

@Mahyar, @skt17

I cut off match analysis to reduce file size.
I will split to another files if I have time, thank you for feed back.


Thank you :)

Sandokhan said...

Thanks, man.

I've been following your blog for years, since I'm addicted to collecting all Arsenal match highlights for every season.

Thanks for your effort,

Cheers !

Nukawa said...

I've been following your blog for 3-4 years, and choose the 1st your blog for get the motd highlights.

No more word to tell you, thank you so much for all.


Abhi said...

It has been many seasons that I have faithfully followed your blog. You were one of the quickest to provide the highlights. Thank you :-)
Incase you find a way to get the highlights uploaded within 24hrs do inform.
Have a good day :-)

Anonymous said...

Premier League Goal & Highlight has been my favorite download for years. Unfortunately Malaysia blocked many file sharing web site. Tried many ways but not successful. Anyway keep up the good work. Cheers